Project Manage

The project team is your window into ESI. Through them you can remain abreast of any project developments.

Once we receive a PO from a customer we will assign an engineer to supervise the project throughout all stages of production. The engineer communicates directly with the customer, relays all requirements and changes to appropriate parties, and provide all reports, such as progress report, test report, FAI report and etc to customer.

Why do our customers like to work with our project team?

Good Communication
ESI understands that communication is integral to inter-company relations. We are aware that competence in English is not enough - accountability is important players too.

We never shirk from responsibility and are available whenever you require us to be.

Full Solutions

ESI’s project teams are capable of providing comprehensive solutions in all things mold related.  We consider your options so that you don’t have to.

Skilled and experienced
Each project engineer must possess more than10 years of experience in working with mold design and mold production. ESI have a perfect staff traning system and traning plan.