Why ESI can do a good job in BMC mold?

Based on the mature of ESI in plastic moulds Manufacturing experience and quality control ability.

ESI work closely with BMC raw material suppliers, and this enhances our knowlege on BMC mold design.

                       BMC mold common adverse problems:
                       1) selection of steel or processing is wrong, lead to serious wear and tear.
                       2) the design is not reasonable, cause air trap or burning. Often have
                         to clear off the plane, delay the production.
                       3) the accuracy is not enough, lead to cloak is difficult to remove.
                       BMC mold is mainly used in electrical appliances, auto parts production of
                       the products.
                       Among them, in the majority with electric switch products for electrical    
                       The BMC molds ESI produced have been used for the products, such as electrical

                       products of Schneider, ABB, Siemens, and auto mainly lamp reflector, and etc.