About ESI

Since our inception eight years ago, ESI has focused on providing the best tools and optimized solutions to our customers.Our tools export to USA,EU,England,The tools we made has been used for making products for many global companies, such as Benz, Audio, Ford, BMW,ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Tyco,Philips and etc.

Currently , our highly skilled workforce numbers over 100 employees deployed across our ISO-registered operations in China and our manufacturing facilities have grown to encompass over 500,000 ft2.

Ease,Specialized and Innovation are the core values of ESI and serve as our guiding principles.

ESI is relatively yound company. However, we beleive our youth is something that works in our favour as we are more apriciative , more cooperative and more expedient in our dealings with our customer.

We not only provide our customers with their desired molds but also provide additional value through optimized mold solutions. We understand the need to simplify projects and to enhance our customers’competetive power

Though our equipment are not the most advanced, but we are proud of our ability to meet customer requirements with the tools at our disposal.

Easy Simplify concepts and production for the benefit of clients.
Specialize ESI's excellence is because of it is specializing always.We focusing on our goal, improving and improving and exceed our competitor.
Innovate Giving clients an advantage over their competitors.